Group Lesson Nights

Monday- Cavaletti Nights

            Regardless of your chosen discipline cavaletti work will benefit your horse and you. Those just starting out will start with basic ground pole patterns working up to more advanced work with the cavaletti (raised poles). 

            For those that like to jump we can speak about adding another night to focus on gymnastic work with advanced grids. 

Tuesday- Gaming (Gymkhana) Nights

            Barrels, poles, key hole, scurry, flags and so much more! 

Every week we will touch on a few of the games working not only on the patterns but also drills to better your times. 

<------ Stephanie and Magik of Our lIttle Farm in Palmer 2016

Friday- Fundamentals Nights

            Its time to go back to the basics and refresh your skills on the fundamentals. During this class we will work on showmanship skills (and there practical application), control of our horses body parts, basic horsemanship patterns under-saddle and more.


Pricing Per Night

If you haul in your own horse or board at Our Little Farm In Palmer- $30

Use of one of the schooling horses- $45


@ Our Little Farm in Palmer

**Some nights unavailable due to other events 

Starting April 2020

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