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B2B is officially an United States Pony Club as a professional member allowing us to bring the Unmounted and Mounted badge program to our barn. We will also be offering D1 certifications to students wishing complete that certification program. 

The unmounted program will include Grooming, Tack, Boots & Bandages,  Breeds,Conditioning, Conformation, Feeding, Health Care, Horse Parts, Land Conservation Leading, Shoeing, Stable Management, Travel Safety, Turnout & Attire.


The mounted program will include Mount/Dismount, Walk, Good Hands, Trot Diagonals, Half-Seat Jumping, Jumping, Canter, Canter Leads and Riding In the Open.


All students will benefit from the addition of these programs and have the opportunity to earn the badges for each part.

Please contact us if you would like to host a Pony Club Class. 

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